We have different strategies for private equity that reflects our interdisciplinary approach, namely – specialisation, scout mindset, and team experience.


In 2014

We became Lithuania’s first asset management company offering an alternative energy fund to its clients. Today, our new Alternative Energy Fund II is building upon the success of its predecessor.

In 2017

Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of the home market, we established the first generalist PE fund for SMEs. Nter Private Equity Fund I is investing in IT, manufacturing, energy efficiency, and other companies in the Baltic Region.

In 2022

We entered the U.S. PE market to diversify our clients’ investments, thereby mitigating the impact of current geopolitical risks. To this end, we started partnerships with leading private equity fund managers globally, and established a PE Fund of Funds.

In 2023

having gained extensive experience in private equity markets, we had an idea – rather than earn interest on money lent, we want to get in on the action and earn on business growth. This has been achieved by launching a PE fund, investing in alternative lending companies.

Managing private equity funds since 2014
10+ investments
€100+ million deal volume
Target size €50,000,000

Nter USA Private Equity Fund

A private equity fund of funds investing indirectly into private IT and tech companies in the U.S.

United States of America

Alternative Energy Fund II

Investment into early-stage alternative energy companies.

Baltic countries, Poland
Target size €50,000,000

Nter Fintech and Alternative Lenders Fund

Specialised private and venture capital fund investing into alternative finance companies at different stages.

Baltic countries and other EU member states
€ (confidential)

Nter Private Equity Fund I

Private capital fund investing in stocks of companies with a rapid growth potential.

Baltic countries

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