Nter Asset Management (hereinafter NTER), a private limited liability company, uses the remote identity verification solution developed by UAB Ondato to provide quality services to its customers remotely and to implement ‘know your customer’ procedures.

The Ondato platform is designed to compare your video image and your ID card and/or passport in order to ensure proper customer identification, and to implement anti-money laundering directives and other legal requirements. The result of this facial recognition process (match or mismatch) is saved for as long as is necessary to carry out the identity check and to the extent required by the legislation on the prevention of money laundering.

We verify your identity using the Ondato platform exclusively on the basis of your consent, i.e., only if you agree to this method of identity verification.

If this method is not acceptable to you, you can contact us by email ( and exercise your right to choose another method of identity verification.

You can read more about Ondato at 


By clicking ‘Perform remote authentication’, I explicitly consent to the identification of my person by the direct transmission of a facial image and a photo of my identity document (i.e., the processing of my biometric personal data – facial image).

You will find more information on the purposes of personal data processing, duration of storage, data recipients, etc. in our Privacy Policy.

Perform remote verification Perform remote verification

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