Want to
join us?

As a dynamic team of professionals, we’re often looking for new people to join our select ranks and help us push the envelope on investment and asset management. 

We offer a friendly and supporting environment, opportunities for personal and professional growth, flexible working conditions that prioritise health and wellbeing, and a one-of-a-kind chance to make a real difference.

Want to join us?

Make a difference

Given our focus on continuous innovation, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get a proper hearing for your ideas, put them into action, gauge the results, and help us further calibrate our strategy.

Health and wellbeing

The most valuable asset that we have is our team. And to ensure its optimal performance, we take care that everyone is happy, well-rested, and ready to face challenges. This is achieved by providing our colleagues with private health insurance and opportunities for a superior work-life balance (e.g., through workations and other arrangements).

Personal growth

We encourage our team members to take on new responsibilities, test their skills in different roles, and grow as professionals. To this end, we provide regular consultations and training opportunities.

Flexibility and freedom

We care about results, not where you achieve them. That’s why we strive to provide our colleagues the freedom and flexibility they need to unlock their creativity and scout mindset.