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Nter Asset Management fondo valdomas apartamentų projektas Palangos širdyje

October 18, 2023

The four-building complex, located on S. Daukanto Street, Palanga features 165 recreational and commercial premises, 1-3 room apartments ranging between 37 sq.m. and 95 sq.m. in size. The total area of the complex is around 10 000 sq.m.
Some of the apartments are located on the top floor of the tallest high-rise building in central Palanga, opening up on some truly breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and the city below. In order to provide future inhabitants with balconies or terraces for an optimal summer experience, many of the apartments will be significantly larger than is usual for the resort, and nearly 80% of them contain 2 rooms – perfect for families and solo workations.

Prospective owners are able to choose between fully and partially furnished options, and buy extra storage rooms or underground parking spaces – a rarity in central Palanga. 

It should also be noted that, with the purchase of the property finalised, the fund immediately turned to adjusting the block’s overall plan, aiming to bring it into closer alignment with the needs of people looking not only for a bit of peace and quiet, but also for active leisure. 

This block is entirely different from all the others in Palanga. It’s a project for people who’ve already accomplished much in their lives – and would like to accomplish even more. It strikes the perfect balance between leisure and active recreation, enabling its future inhabitants to always remain in the thick of events around them.

What the ongoing adjustment of the entire city block means in practical terms is investment in architectural and landscaping, as well as related urban development solutions. This dovetails nicely with the bike paths, walking trails, concert hall, multiple restaurants, and a tennis court located closeby – not to mention swimming in the sea or taking leisurely strolls along the sandy beach. 

The goal of these re-development initiatives is to make the surroundings of the complex more comfortable for its inhabitants. Work has already started on the individual apartments and the courtyard alike. This includes the design of exterior and recreational spaces, installing more attractive lighting and bike storage fittings in the underground parking lot, as well as the renovation or conversion of shared interior spaces.

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